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Probleme mit Visa

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  Theoretisch sieht das panamaische Einwanderungsgesetz eine Reihe von Möglichkeiten vor, eine befristete oder dauerhafte Aufenthaltsgenehmigung (Visa) in Panama zu erhalten. Aber so einfach, wie das im Gesetz aussieht ist das leider nicht. Manche Visaarten werden nur ungerne vergeben, entsprechend lange dauert die Bearbeitung. Es gibt auch andere Gründe, weshalb Visaanträge nicht selten sehr lange dauern, z.B. eine neue Regierung mit der daraus folgenden Neubesetzung der Stellen in den Ämtern.

Auch die Verleihung der panamaischen Nationalität an Ausländer ist zwar vorgesehen, aber man findet wiederholt Berichte von Leuten, die zwar alle gesetzlichen Voraussetzungen erfüllen und alle erforderlichen Dokumente eingereicht haben, aber dennoch jahrelang auf die Bestätigung warten mussten und teilweise heute noch warten.

Im folgenden einige Berichte Betroffener aus einem englischsprachigen Forum mit der Einwanderungsbehörde in der Provinz Chiriqui.

Der anfängliche Fragesteller versuchte offenbar eine Mitteilung an eine höhere Stelle in der Einwanderungsbehörde in David/Chiriqui zu bringen (vermutlich über eine Unregelmässigkeit) und erfährt, dass dies wenig Sinn hat. Bei dieser Gelegenheit schildern Andere ihre Erfahrungen. Ein Mitglied empfiehlt einen guten Anwalt, ein anderes vermutet, dass (nicht so gute) Anwälte mit eine Ursache für Probleme sein können.

Does anyone know the email address for the Immigration Director in David or the main Director of Immigration in Panama City please ???

... I'm not looking for a general website nor a 'Contact Us' link as those don't work.
Googling as someone suggested is a complete waste of time. 
I am wanting the Directors email addresses themselves and cutting out the minnions who lose everything or are too indolent to bother.
I have written to the Embassy requesting details and if I get them I will let be known to individuals who want and need them

This is free advise and may be worth what you paid for it.  Do not do this unless you NEVER EVER want to get your visa/residency here.  The indolence and defying manner with which an immigration clerk manages you only is magnified at each step up the ladder at immigration.  It's the department nobody cares about and does not show any signs of change.  Since Panamanian citizens are not affected by it as a group it has no importance in the headlines.  You must eat poo poo until you get what you want.  Generally  you do better hiring someone who is a specialist and only show your face for photos.  If you raise a stink your papers will always go to the bottom of the pile.  Rant and rave here or in private but don't think that just because the law or regulations say something that Immigration will do it.  Surely I know the feeling; actually it has vastly improved since I did mine 15 years ago.  It's so messed up now you don't know which palm to grease and that's the 'why' to use a tried and true immigration attorney.

Yes, I know all that Jim.
I don't want or need a Visa, I already have one.
My enquiry is private but involves information needing to be known and actioned. 
The Embassies in the UK and Panama City will be made aware as well so there will be a little pressure for correct action being taken.
Thanks anyway Jim.

There is no Migracion Director in David. There are no decision makers in David.
EVERYBODY who works in the office there is just a paper pusher. They have no
authority to do anything, and if something isn't being done, please don't take
it out on them because it isn't their fault. In fact, the people there are very
nice and really would like to help you...but they can't, because (once more with
feeling) they are all just clerks and all they can do is "call Panama City" or
send documents there or receive them from there. They just do low level stuff.
Not by choice, its all they are allowed to do. Its not because they don't want
to help you.
We have been here 8 years and have seen 3 administrations come (and two go) and
Migracion is one agency that has not changed and probably never will. One set
of Big City Suit incompetents (at best) and crooks (at worst) is simply replaced
by another set. "NEXT?"
If you are having a problem with a residency visa, get your attorney to help
you. If you are trying to get a visa and don't have an attorney, you have a
fool for a client. If your attorney is incompetent, get a new one. For
example, Dmitri Troetsch is very knowledgeable about immigration and knows how
to deal with both incompetents and crooks, and I can tell you that from personal
PS: Panama is a "touch" country. While government agencies have email
addresses, most people who work for the government don't use it. Its not the
way to get attention, unless you happen to personally know someone. Face to
face is best, second choice is the telephone. The only exception to that I have
found is that if you have a problem getting your NIT at Ingresos, the NIT desk
actually will respond to your email sometimes.

We agree with all that AND .......
The lawyers may be the main cause of the problem. The clerks in every
government office know the lawyers are gouging us and they aren´t
getting a fair piece of the pie. If the lawyer makes a mistake the clerk
will gleefully let it go through knowing it will cause a problem for the
lawyer. That this will ultimately come back on us is of no concern to
the clerk. Unfortunately, there is no getting around the lawyers.
Finding someone Panamanian who can intervene in your behalf with the
clerks has, for us, been the answer. Be very careful here, too. Many
people offer "services" and these can be costly. If the person doesn´t
want money from you then you have someone who will actually be a help.

We are about to take on our fourth lawyer. It has been over two years
and thousands of dollars and we still don´t have our residency cards.
We are hopeful the new lawyer will actually be able to get the job done
once and for all. If he does we will pass his name along to you.
Don´t get angry, it won´t help. Move on.

Visas can be complicated, depending on what kind of visa it is you are trying to
get. The government really doesn't like to issue visas other than pensionado
and bank deposit, and they make you jump through all kinds of hoops. To make it
worse, the rules are constantly changing, and each new incoming director issues
new requirements just to show they can and makes them retroactive. And when
there is a change in government, everything comes to a standstill. Farmer and
business investor visas seem to be the slowest and most vulnerable to
obstructive delay.
Also, remember that for most kinds of visas, you don't actually get a permanent
visa for up to 5 years (each one is different), instead you get a series of one
year temporary visas and must reprove qualification each year to get the next
one and finally, the last one. All this is to say it may be that the lawyer is
incompetent but it may not be. Its quite possible that the government is simply
sitting on your file for no good reason. Have a sit down with your lawyer and
ask him or her to tell you the problem and show you the file.
And once again, the clerks in the local branch office (ie, David, Changuinola)
have zero to do with any of this. They make no decisions, they adopt no
regulations. They just receive the paper and pass it on. The most they do is
photo copy stuff and take your picture. The people in the local office are not
the problem when it comes to unreasonable delays in the visa application

Hier der Versuch eines anderen Einwanderers. durch einen Brief an den Präsidenten, seinen Antrag auf Nationalisierung wieder zu beleben, nachdem jahrelang nichts passierte. Er veröffentlichte den Brief im Januar 2011 in einem Forum mit der Bitte um Hilfe bei der Übersetzung ins Spanische (die Rechtschreibfehler stehen so im englischen Originaltext):

Dear President Martinelli,

I have lived in Panama as resident for many years and applied for my citizenship back in 2005. I have diligently waited over the years for the Ministry of Justice and immigration the process and approve my naturalization application with no results. I live in Los Santos and over the many years have been force to travel to Panama City every few months to verify the status of my application.

I have spoken with officials in immigration and the Ministry of Justice and they all tell me the same thing. "My application is complete and in order and only needs to be sign by the president. Please come back in next months and should be completed." I have now waited so many years for my nationality documents to be reviewed and signed that I feel I will never have the same rights and freedoms the all Panama hold true (citzenship).

I thoroughly believe that Panamanians are united through generations by the grand and enduring ideals of citizenship. The grandest and most enduring ideal is the promise that everybody who has live as resident for so many years in this great county such as myself. Has the right to belong and enjoys and chance to reach there full potential as a Panamanian citizen. Senor President please review my nationality application so I too can enjoy all the same rights and freedoms of being a proud Panamanian Citizen.

Jack Armstong.
Cedula E-123456