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in David (Chiriquí):

Roger: I received a lot of positive feedback on the Fernandez sister's dental clinic, Carmen and Fabiola, 7771530. I went there early today, was impressed with their answers to my questions, and I really appreciate their good pricing. Without stuttering, or hum hawing around, they quoted me $250.00 for a crown, without even looking in my mouth. I did tell them it was in the back, and exact color matching would not be a problem. I made an appointment for 2 P.M. today, and had the front half of the crown work done today. Will be able to finish up in about one week. So far, the work seems very good to me, and the price is very reasonable. I chose the Fernandez sisters for my crown, and my 2 fillings. The price is fair, and the work seems to be really good. 
I realize that for just $150.00 more, I could have been sung to during the process. But I decided to pass on that, because I live on limited income, day to day, and ATM machine to ATM machine.  

Don: I use Dra. Miriam Rodriguez, and have many posts on Chiriquí Chatter about my visits there. I have used other dentists in Boquete and David as well. I have stayed with Dra Miriam because I believe she is the best periodontist around. I have also had root canals and crown work done in her office. If she doesn't do that part of the work, she brings in specialists for that part of the dental need.
I have found no other that has done as good a job cleaning my teeth as she has. Her office is first class and is her professional care. I spent a lot of money in the US for dental care and it was not as good as what I have received from her. 
Her rates are the same for gringos as anyone else. You can look them up on here website. 
I am sure there are other good dentists around, but in my book she is among the best.

Peter: I'm in the process of getting a crown from one of the Rodriguez sisters who have been mentioned here. She is charging me $250. I first paid her $180 for a root canal - 3x $60 per root or part thereof (not sure how that works, it is one of my back teeth)

Wulf: Evangelina Rodriguez doesn't care who, or what, you are....her charges are the same for everyone.